A Mini Epiphany

09 Mar
A Mini Epiphany

I’m literally a zombie today- both in my physical and mental state. The culprit behind this? The teeny weeny tiny five hours of sleep I got last night.

It’s not pretty at all, trust me.

You may have guessed that the reason for this self-inflicting torture is school-related. And if you’re really clever you probably thought, “she has a test today!”

Ding Ding Ding!

Yesterday I was the epitome of a procrastinator- it was truly procrastination at it’s finest. My history book kept giving me dirty looks all morning as I would walk by it towards the kitchen, or the bedroom, or the couch…especially the couch.

I love my couch. And it definitely loves me back. So come on…I had to give it some love!

At one point (somewhere around 2:30pm), pure panic set in and I literally ran to my book. Fast-forward to 1:00am, I finally put down that damn history book, gasped a little at my bloodshot eyes as I glanced in the mirror, and off to bed I went.

What seemed like minutes later, my alarm clock was howling at me to wake up at 6:00am.

I was working on autopilot- brush teeth, make coffee, sit, study.

I tried to cheer myself up with some delicious sunny oatmeal:

Oh what a morning. We have always been taught that cramming for an exam is much less effective than, oh say, NOT procrastinating. But I’m a senior in college and (I thought) I didn’t care.


Was it a lesson well-learned? I’d like to think so, but <confession> I have been saying that for the past three years :/

So what is this epiphany, you may be wondering. Well let me put it in the simplest way possible: I finally, after 3 years, understand why engineering is thought to be so extremely difficult.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those freakishly genius people who don’t study and breeze through the engineering courses. I have to work my butt off and dedicate hours upon hours everyday in order to understand the material and get the grades that I do. It’s a huge commitment.

Why am I just realizing this now? Well…as Einstein said, everything is relative. Before, I never had anything to compare my engineering classes to. But this semester, I had to fulfill my general education requirement and decided to take a history course.

I put my all into studying for the exam in that course- in other words, I studied engineering style.

Definition: “engineering style” = cramming for approximately 20-24 hours…sometimes more as felt needed, usually done straight through with minor breaks (e.g. 2 hours of sleep)

The result? The exam multiple choice questions were THE EXACT ONES WE WERE ASKED IN LECTURE throughout the semester. So basically, I could’ve spent 1 hour instead of 10 hours studying for this exam and still passed with flying colors.

Was I mad? A bit.

Was I shocked? Yes.

Was I surprised? No…because finally it all sunk in…at last I understood the dedication and challenge my curriculum forces out of me.

With this, I gained so much more respect for my fellow engineers and the hell that we put ourselves through in order to succeed. I applaud you all!

Nerd herd power babay!!

**I am not implying that I think all other areas of study are easy. HELL NO they are not (trust me I know from experience).

Now it’s time for my couch and I to reunite once again and cuddle.

Thanks for tuning in 🙂

“Wisdom becomes knowledge when it is personal experience.”

~From Russia With Love~

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