A Little Brain Boost

14 Mar
A Little Brain Boost

Happy Pi Day! 3.14 baby! Well 3.14159265….

So eat a piece of pie today at 1:59 and 26.5 seconds…

Just kidding 🙂

So on to the actual topic of the day…studying!

Max had finals last week and I wanted to do something nice for him to help him get through the week. His morale was low and his stress was high. So I decided to create some snacks for him that would not only boost his mood and energy level, but would boost his brain power as well.

And so the research began.

I looked into ingredients such as coffee and chocolate (duh), cacao nibs, dates, cherries, apricots, goji berries, and nuts and found that all are excellent in enhancing the brain.

For example:

*Coffee: full of antioxidants and its caffeine content is shown to improve cognitive ability

*Cacao Nibs/Cocoa Powder: also full of antioxidants and various other chemicals that have been shown to boost mood and provide cognitive enhancement

*Dates: bursting with energy

*Coconut: provides energy as well as stress relief

*Kamut: a whole grain, full of B-12 which aids in focus

*Blueberries: antioxidant king…enough said

The list goes on and on…

Every single ingredient I used was carefully selected for its function.

Max’s verdict? AMAZING.

Wooooo success!!!!

And what did I name my wonderful creations?

Read on to find out 🙂



-puffed Kamut cereal


-dried blueberries

-goji beries

-coconut butter

-peanut butter


-shredded coconut

-chia seeds


Puffed Kamut, dried blueberries, and goji berries- such pretty colors!


The mixture before baking:


Straight out of the oven!


The final product:


On to my next creation…



-pitted dates

-dried cherries

-dried apricots


-cacao nibs

-cocoa powder

-ground coffee

-shredded coconut

Max got a kick out of their name, but one bite and he was hooked 🙂

The two in front are the coconut-coffee flavor, while the three in back are coffee-free.

I loved the idea of putting coffee in the recipe as it definitely adds a boost of energy.

All packed up and ready to be mailed!

Overall I deem this project a success!

My message to Max:

“I created these for you because you’re a smarty pants who just needs a little boost while studying. All of the ingredients help increase brainpower and energy (trust me, I did my research…), so eat your heart out. Good luck on finals!!!”

He loved it 🙂

“Inspiring others towards happiness brings you happiness.”

~From Russia With Love~


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2 responses to “A Little Brain Boost

  1. Sash

    March 15, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    I love the “Stress-Less Squares” you made for me. Second week of finals left me with almost no food in my fridge and these treats arrived just in time 🙂 After biting into one, stress was instantly diminished. Now lets hope that I pass all my finals with A+

    • russianwithlove

      March 16, 2011 at 12:24 am

      Chocolate is a cure-all 🙂
      And of course you’ll get the A+!!!!


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