The Art Of Balance

15 Mar
The Art Of Balance

I received the best surprise in the mail yesterday morning…a gift from Max!

As I opened the box, my mind raced over all of the possible items that could be residing inside.

I would’ve never guessed…



I can’t even describe to you how amazing these little magnetic balls are! I first saw them in Max’s apartment when his roommate received them for Christmas, and I ave been obsessed ever since.

Honestly, these little toys make me love science 🙂

Feast your eyes on this:

You can literally make any shape you want!

Be prepared to stand in front of your fridge for hours creating elaborate designs.

Such a fantastic stress reliever.

Check out this video:

I guess I have lots of practice ahead of me…

Playing with these magnets really got me thinking about balance.

A brief science lesson: magnets have two poles- positive and negative. Opposite poles attract and like poles repel. Even these tiny magnetic balls have two poles.

Now, apply this concept to yourself. You also have two poles that are extreme opposites, but in this case the two poles don’t attract or repel, they just exist as the two extremes of you.

Your goal is to find an ideal balance between these two opposing forces, so that each force is equally represented in yourself. Lets call this your ideal self. Your ideal self is in perfect harmony, a state of equilibrium, a true state of balance.

How many people do you know that have reached their ideal self? Personally, I don’t know any.

You know why?

Because the ideal self is not real. People are not static, they are extremely dynamic. We are ever-changing creatures, always moving around, sometimes from one extreme to the other. Always being in the middle is impossible.

I don’t know about you, but hopping around from one state to another is exhausting. It makes me feel drained and out of sync with myself. It makes me feel unbalanced.

Looking back at my life, especially my years in college, I realize how off-balance I have been. I have reached such extremes at times that even thinking about them makes me cringe.

How have I permitted myself to do this?

Only recently have I realized that every single word I speak, food I eat, and action I take impacts my sensitive internal scale, tipping it in one direction or another.

How careful we have to be!

I have been ignoring this scale all the while throwing myself into various things that I believed were best for me when in reality they weren’t.

Sometimes I don’t eat enough. Sometimes I eat too much. One is usually followed by the other. This is especially physically (and mentally) detrimental, and I’m sure many can relate.

Sometimes I don’t sleep enough. Sometimes I sleep too much. This impacts my mood and leads me to make more extreme, unbalanced decisions.

Sometimes I work too hard. This leads to laziness the second it is an option.


That is what I must learn.

Our bodies strive for it. If we push ourselves in one direction, we eventually get yanked back in the other direction.

I need balance in all aspects of my life. Only then can I come as close as possible to being my ideal self.

And today is Day 1.

*These are my own personal views. I am not promoting some religion, nor am I trying to pretend that I am some all-knowing guru. This is just my view on life.

“Patience gives the power to practice; practice gives the power that leads to perfection.”

~From Russia With Love~

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One response to “The Art Of Balance

  1. Sasha

    March 15, 2011 at 10:55 pm

    I love this post. It has such great philosophical ideas, its full of optimism which is contagious.


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