“Spring” Break

24 Mar
“Spring” Break

As promised, I will not abandon you all again today!

Spring break is almost over (!!!!) and there has only been one day that actually felt like spring. Otherwise it’s been around 30-40 degrees and cold.

Overall, I feel like I accomplished very little this week.

Well, at least in terms of studying for the FE Exam…

Otherwise I have been wildly successful: I slept in, shopped a bit, vegged out around my house, and hung out with my sis and Max and other friends. Good good 🙂

Laziness gives me quite the guilt-trip, so I decided to at least be partially productive and whip up some exciting sweets for mi familia. Inspired by Averie’s mango balls, I created a deliciously easy dessert of my own.

My inspiration? Sunflower seeds!

In case you didn’t know, all Russian people love sunflower seeds. I have fond memories of walking around my grandparent’s hometown in Russia and seeing cute old ladies selling perfectly roasted in-shell sunflower seeds literally on every single street corner.

Yes, they are everywhere.

Oh my my my, words can’t even describe my addiction to sunflower seeds. Once I start crackin’ them, it’s impossible to stop.

Confession: I even have a little dent in one of my front teeth as a consequence of this habit.

So here is my Russian-inspired creation for my family of sunflower seed lovers.



-1/2 cup sunflower seeds, roasted and unsalted

-1/4 cup  chopped dark chocolate (I used 85% dark)

-1/3 cup dried mango, finely chopped

-10 pitted dates


1.) In a food processor, add half of the sunflower seeds and blend into a fine powder.

2.) Add in the remaining sunflower seeds and the dates and blend until a large ball forms.

3.) Add in the chocolate and mango and blend again until the mixture is well-mixed.

4.) Form into balls of any size (you pick!).

I bought raw, unsalted and unshelled sunflower seeds at Trader Joe’s. The taste of roasted sunflower seeds is mind-blowingly good, not to mention totally nostalgia-inducing. So of course I had to roast them to bring out the fantastic taste.

Be very careful when roasting the seeds. I toasted mine at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes and they ended up tasting a bit burnt (although they didn’t look burnt at all). Luckily, that flavor paired incredibly well with the sweet dates and a perfect balance was achieved. But regardless, you should still aim to avoid this.

Here are the other ingredients:

Sorry for the ugly measuring cups…they are very old

Tada! Scrumptious sweet and tangy Choco-Mango Sunflower Bites!

The oily-looking ball on the right was an experimental one where I used coconut oil. The addition of the oil honestly made very little difference so it really is a personal preference if you want to use it or not.

Everyone in my family loved these. The sunflower seeds provide a unique taste that pairs perfectly with the chocolate and mango.

Enjoy 🙂

“Happiness is nothing but total relaxation.”

~From Russia With Love~

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