Weekend Plans

02 Apr
Weekend Plans

Happy Saturday everyone!

Just how happy my Saturday is I’m not quite sure. I have an extensive to-do list that will probably be only partially complete by tomorrow night.



Some highlights:

-create, bake, and mail desserts for Christina’s special party (the party theme is a secret :))

STUDY for the FE Exam


-make almond milk (recipe coming soon!)


-work out

-give myself a mani & pedi

-cook a meal for the week (hmm I’m thinking potatoes?)

Trust me, the list goes on and on…

My to-do list sounds so girlie :/

But speaking of manis & pedis, I grew out my nails!!!

Remember way back when I said I gave up biting my nails for Lent? Well guess what….I’ve been successful!

It’s so nice to have nails again. It makes me feel so sexy and feminine. I can’t wait to paint them! Just in time for Spring too.

I have big plans for tonight! Don’t get too excited…it’s not some big party (unfortunately). I’m actually staying in (*gasp*).

Come back tomorrow and find out why I’m so excited for this!

I would also like to highlite that working out is on my to-do list. That’s right…I’ve been keeping up with my Lent goal of working out every day or every other day! The exercise regime is nothing too extreme- don’t forget that I’m a novice.

*My exercise regime (don’t make fun!):

50 sit-ups with legs up

50 lower body/butt lifts (not really sure what these are called…but they look like the sit-ups except you raise the lower body)

50 pelvic thrusts (? also not sure what to call these haha)

50 more sit-ups with legs up

50 squats

30 bicep curls on both arms (3 sets of 10 on each arm, alternating)

15 tricep curls (clearly I have no clue as to what these moves are actually called)

10 arm lifts (like a bird flapping its wings)

*I use 5 lb weights for all arm exercises

Clearly I’m absolutely clueless when it comes to working out terminology. It’s pathetic, I know. Just reading over my descriptions makes me pity myself hahaha.

On the food side of things, the day has been good.

Breakfast consisted of pancakes and scrambled eggs:

I quickly whipped up some whole wheat pancakes with fresh blackberries as well as some veggie scrambled eggs on the side.

It’s official: sweet foods first thing in the morning make me incredibly nauseous. I topped the pancakes with maple syrup and minutes later was nauseating. I’m thinking it has something to do with my blood sugar- maybe it drops or increases too quickly if too much sugar is consumed first thing in the morning? No idea, I’m no doctor or dietician. All I know is that I might just have to stick with my traditional oatmeal with small amounts of honey/maple syrup and fruits from now on…

Now check out my study snack:

It’s a green smoothie topped with some chia seeds, inspired by Angela’s Green Monster.

I used coconut water and some mixed greens, frozen before spring break:










By the way, a wise word of advice about coconut water…DRINK IT.

It’s so ridiculously good for you and not to mention tasty too.

My fav is O.N.E. Coconut Water:










The flavor of the smoothie was a bit bitter and took some will-power to finish, but I did it!

Now lets hope I have as much success studying…

“Joy is the essence of success”

~From Russia With Love~

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