11 Apr

Saturday was HELL. Pure hell.

The morning started off awfully. First I couldn’t sleep all night because of the partying going on outside, my room being too hot, and my brain still working and not shutting down. I may have gotten 2 hours of sleep at most. Not good considering I had to have energy for the next 10 hours!

Then, I got confused with the location of the test and initially went to the wrong place! Wow, I almost fainted from panic! Luckily, my friend was able to drive me to the right location, as it was definitely way too far to walk.

The exam was very dense. I basically took an 8-hour final on everything I ever learned in my 4 years in college.

Chemistry, calculus, thermodynamics, physics, statics, dynamics, fluid mechanics, mechanics of materials, etc. etc.

It was all on the exam! And oh boy was it hard to push myself through the 8 hours.

The morning section consisted of 120 questions and lasted 4 hours. After a 1-hour lunch break, another 4-hour exam was taken, except it consisted of 60 questions which were slightly harder. I was able to complete all 60 questions with time to spare, but unfortunately I ran out of time in the morning session and had to guess on many questions as a result :/

Hopefully I’ll still pass! I can’t bear the thought of having to take that darn exam again. I guess we’ll know for sure in 3 months…

I had a major realization while studying for the exam, and I’ll have to explain it sometime soon. It was definitely eye-opening and even slightly sad.

Thankfully, I had a lot to look forward to after the exam, and that really helped push me forward. The weather was perfect: 75° and sunny. And of course, Max was waiting for me when I returned home!

Even though I was drained, I still wanted to make the most of my time with him. We ordered some delicious Indian food from our favorite restaurant, hung out at home for a bit, and then went out to meet up with our old friends.

It was a perfect night to round out a difficult day.

Yesterday was my catch-up-on-life-and-chores day and it involved lots of cleaning and organizing.

Cleaning is a task that I don’t mind doing at all. It’s the end result that really keeps me going!

I also made some amazing salad that is perfect for the warm weather. It’s full of energizing and nutritious ingredients that are sure to make you feel fantastic after eating it.

The key ingredient though is Kamut! In case you don’t know what it is, let me just tell you that you’re in for a treat.

Kamut is an ancient grain with the nutritional resumé of a superstar. It’s health benefits include:

*20-40 times more protein than wheat

*extremely high in many vitamins and minerals, including B1, B2, B3, iron, potassium, etc. etc.

Plus, it’s awesomely chewy and incredibly tasty 🙂



-3/4 cup Kamut (preferably soaked overnight but no worries if it’s not!)

-2 & 1/4 cups water or broth for added flavor (3:1 ratio for liquid to Kamut)

-1/4 cup sunflower seeds (raw or toasted, I used raw)

-1/2 cup yellow/red/orange sweet peppers, chopped

-1/2 cup carrot, chopped

-1/2 cup total of dried fruit (I used raisins, cherries, and apricots)

-3/4 cup fresh parsley, finely chopped


1.) Combine the Kamut and the water and simmer until the Kamut is soft and chewy. The cooking time varies depending on whether or not the Kamut was soaked overnight. With soaking: 30-40 minutes. Without soaking: 1.5 hours.

2.) Meanwhile, chop all necessary vegetables into small bite-size pieces. Finely chop the parsley as well.

3.) Rinse and drain the Kamut and allow it to cool completely. Then transfer it to a large salad bowl.

4.) Combine all ingredients with the Kamut and mix together well. Serve any way you prefer!

I’ve been waiting for so long to use this jar of Kamut!

Kamut looks a lot like brown rice, except it is much larger.

Parsley was ridiculously cheap at my local grocery store, so of course I couldn’t resist buying it!

I’m stocked for the week! I need to think of some new recipes involving lots of parsley.

Finely chopping the parsley helps release its fantastic aroma. For some reason it reminded me of home and my mom’s cooking!

Here are my add-ins:

I love all of the vibrant colors and contrasting flavors.

Mix well!

This salad is a great base for a healthy and filling yet light lunch or dinner. You can spice it up any way you want. My suggestions are: salt & olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and/or chilli powder. Get creative!

Today, for example, I made lettuce wraps stuffed with the salad and topped with balsamic vinegar. So delicious!








A perfect spring-time dinner 🙂

Till next time!

“Whether you give or share, are kind or not, never let your grace fall”

~From Russia With Love~

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