A Week In Food: Part 2

19 Apr
A Week In Food: Part 2

I didn’t want to bore you with an unnecessarily long post earlier, so here is the second half of my week in food (slightly delayed…school took over my life again)…



5.) Baked Falafel

I am OBSESSED with this dish. I know I know, I always say that I’m obsessed with the food I eat,, but this is one of those new obsessions that will probably stick around for a while.

The craving hit me last week during class, and after class I ran (well more like briskly power-walked) home to make it.

I used a recipe found online, and slightly altered it. I also made both falafel balls and patties for experimentation.

I’ll save this precious little dish for my next post 🙂

6.) Almond Butter

The first time I ever tried almond butter was last year, and to be honest, I was not a fan (insert shocked look here). I bought the Trader Joe’s raw almond butter and actually had trouble finishing the jar. Ever since then, I always stuck to peanut butter or homemade chocolate hazelnut butter (aka homemade Nutella= recipe coming soon= heaven!).

This week I decided to give almond butter a chance to redeem itself. Only this time I opted for the roasted flavor.


I can now proudly say that I love almond butter! I must have been living under a rock or something because my first ever taste of freshly roasted almonds blew my mind.

7.) Dill Hummus

I have been making my own hummus since sophomore year of college. Not only is it a healthier alternative to purchasing chemical-induced hummus from the grocery store, but it is also a cheaper alternative as well.

It’s a very quick and simple process and involves minimal base ingredients: chickpeas (see #5), tahini, salt, garlic, and water. The add-in options are endless! I’ve made tons of varieties and will make sure to share some of my favorites with you later on.

A few days ago I chose to sprinkle (pour, actually) some dried dill into the mix, and out came creamy dill hummus!

I’m not a huge fan of dried herbs and spices in my hummus and I always prefer to use fresh herbs (dill, basil, etc.), but this time I had no choice…my home-grown dill is not quite ready to be used!

8.) Granola Bars

This was an experiment out of the blue. I had no base recipe to follow and had no idea what ingredients I needed to use.

So I totally winged it and hoped for the best.

Not only did I break my Pyrex dish, but the granola bars didn’t even meet my expectations!

Such a disappointment…

Needless to say, the taste quickly grew on me and I mailed a few out to someone and ate the remainder of them anyway 😉

I’m definitely going to keep trying to create the perfect granola bar, but I need to get a new rectangle Pyrex dish first!

So here are my random eats throughout this past week. As you can see, some were awesome successes while others just weren’t and only led to problems (*cough* shattered Pyrex dish *cough*).

I’m an engineer and my life is all about experimentation, and with it come both successes and failures. And I am totally fine with that 🙂

“It’s not life that matters, it’s the courage that we bring to it”

~From Russia With Love~

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