I’m Still Here!

29 Apr
I’m Still Here!

Just too busy to write, unfortunately 😦

School has officially taken over my life and stripped me of all free time. This past week was filled with multiple group projects and presentations as well as all-day/late-night library adventures. Wednesday was spent at my favorite (*sarcasm*) engineering library…for 12 hours straight! Sometimes I don’t know how I do it…

I have a love-hate relationship with group projects. But to be honest, it’s mostly hate. While group projects do have their perks (i.e the massive amounts of work can be split up), it’s very rare that equal amounts of work will be put in by each group member. Some people automatically become slackers and depend on others to complete their required parts.

I’m the kind of person who cannot let anything go. What is required for the project MUST be completed with utmost dedication and perfection. I’ve had experiences where people would see this quality about me and take full advantage of it.

I’ve surely learned one thing though- it is what it is…and that’s life. I’m sure the workforce/real world will be no different.

Soooo…death by group projects? I sure think so…the resulting lack of sleep made me miss the entire royal wedding! Boo 😦 Thank god for all of the videos flooding the internet! I’m all caught up on all the fashion and important moments. Kate Middleton looked DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and every single little itty bitty thing about her dress was pure perfection! Her and Prince William look so in love and I sincerely hope that their marriage lasts.

Anyways, on to new (actually old) business. Last weekend, I received an amazing present from my family and I didn’t have time to share it with you! I love getting packages (and just about anything) via the mail…there’s something so old-fashioned and lovely about it that technology (email, texts, etc.) could never replace.

So here is my lovely present:

Amazing right?!?

Look again:

Can you spot the difference?

Ok fine I’ll tell you: look at the bowl!

My sister bought me this GORGEOUS YIN-YANG BOWL! I’m so freaking obsessed with itl! I’ll explain my yin-yang obsession later, but regardless…this bowl is AWESOME. The matching chopsticks are pretty nice too!

Here’s a peak at the inside of the bowl:

So cool!!!

I also got some fantastic loose-leaf Rishi tea from my sister. The smell and taste is absolutely intoxicating. She also sent me some LaraBars and spiced chocolate. The chocolate was unlike any I have every tasted; it was sweet yet the added pepper gave it a little spicy kick.

My parents included some bunny-shaped Easter chocolates and a fancy yet cute shirt from Anne Taylor Loft!

I love it all!

Check out this card my sister included:

Cuteness overload! It included such a sweet message as well ♥

Alright kids, I’m off to watch some Real Housewives of New York City and then bedtime!

Have a great night!

“Delight the world with compassion, kindness and grace”

~From Russia With Love~

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