Vacation Recap: Part I

21 Jun
Good morning world!

I’ve been itching to share my vacation stories since I didn’t get a chance to blog last week, so read on and feast your eyes on the lovely sights from an incredible and unforgettable vacation! But beware…this post will get lengthy!

After much deliberation, my parents decided that it would be best (and cheapest) to drive to Ocean City, Maryland. The 12-hour drive was only slightly intimidating at the time; we have definitely conquered much further and longer distances. Our minivan was transformed into a mini bedroom for my sister and I, reason being that we departed on the drive at 9pm last Sunday. My parents alternated driving through the night while my sister and I slept in the back.

I’m so incredibly grateful towards my parents for sacrificing sleep in order to get us to the final destination at a reasonable hour (12pm eastern time on Monday).

As much as we all love one another, fights and feuds still ensued upon arrival. My sister was upset that her and I didn’t have our own bedroom (I didn’t mind), and my mom was upset because she misunderstood the hotel room description and was fooled into thinking there was a spare bedroom. In reality, a large curtain closed off the living room area from the two beds. In the end all worked out well and my sister slept on the fold-out couch with the curtains closed while I got my own bed.

The weather was also a bit gloomy when we arrived that Monday, so going to the beach was out of the question. Instead, we unpacked, ate a scrumptious Maryland crab cake dinner, and walked along the boardwalk.

The view from our hotel room was gorgeous:

On Tuesday we finally hit the beach. It was sunny and warm, yet a cold wind prevented me from staying too long. In fact, I didn’t even go into the water to swim!

Dark clouds were also menacingly looming but luckily they passed without any rain.

By dinnertime we were all craving seafood so we drove to the local seafood buffet and

I’m not a huge fan of buffets because the idea of mixing many different foods is not appealing in the slightest. This was no different, but it was nice to be able to eat unlimited mussels, oysters, and crab legs for $25 per person.

Messy and difficult but delicious 🙂

Needless to say, we all felt overly full and nasty afterwards.

The rest of the week followed this exact schedule. We would wake up, eat breakfast, lounge around on the beach for a couple of hours, come home and shower, go out to dinner, walk along the boardwalk, and go to sleep.

I loved it all! 

I’ll be back tomorrow with part 2 of my vacation recap!

“Those who want to be prosperous must first make others prosperous”

~From Russia With Love~

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