Running Into Success

24 Jun

Good afternoon!

I’ve been eager to share my brief running story for a while already, and finally decided that today is the day! So here it goes…it’s short I promise 🙂

Let me just start off by saying that I am by no means a natural runner and/or athlete by any means. In fact, before a couple of months ago I had not exercised since…brace yourself…freshman year of college. Ummmm…that’s ~3 years!!! Horrific…absolutely positively disturbing. There’s just something about exercising and straining/stressing my body that never appealed to me, although I wish it did. Luckily, I did get minor exercise in the form of walking to and from class and all around my huge campus.

One day, about a week after my graduation, my mom and I decided to go walk around a local lake. I had just done some brief exercises that I had been doing since Lent (it was my goal), and after completing the routine my entire body was craving more exercise.

The minute I stepped on the trail I knew I wanted to run and not walk. And run I did! I busted out 2.5 miles out.of.nowhere and it truly felt amazing. I finally felt the “runner’s high” for the first time in my life and was instantly hooked. Soreness was what my body wanted and soreness was what it got. I went running the following two days and couldn’t believe that I was still enjoying it. Here I was, the girl who used to dread running the mile in high school and junior high, quickly becoming the girl who loves running.

Soon enough I recruited one of my friends to go running with me 3 times a week. I also knew I needed a running goal to work towards so I registered for my very first race! I’m proud to announce that I will be attending the Bastille Day 5-K & 8-K Run & Block Party on July 14th!!! Initially, my friend and I were going to run the 5k, but being the overachiever that I am, I convinced her (and myself) to aim higher and run the 8k.

The most I have ever run in my life was 4 miles (indoors) once upon a time back in high school when I had a brief running stint going on with some friends. When I started running outdoors last month I discovered how much more difficult it was…duuhhhh. I shockingly discovered that I could barely run 2 miles outdoors! You can only imagine the instant fear I felt knowing that I would have to run 5 miles on race day.

My friend and I turned to SmartCoach to create a reasonable running schedule for us. Seeing running requirements being 3 or 4 miles terrified me!

But yesterday everything changed.

That’s right! I ran an entire 5 miles straight!!! I have no idea where my strength came from but I did realize/learn one very important mistake I have been making- I was running too fast. As much as I want to believe that a 8:30min/mile pace is ideal for me, the truth is plain and simple: it’s not. In fact, the only reason I was able to run 5 miles yesterday was because my pace hovered around 9:30min/mile.

Words cannot even describe how incredible it felt to run this distance for the first time in my life. Some people do it on a daily basis but for a recent running convert this was equivalent to winning a medal…or lots of chocolate 🙂

My reward was a hydrating green smoothie:

In the mix:
flax seeds
almond milk

Surprisingly sweet! Yum :0

Ok so I lied…this post was waaaay too long. My apologies! This concludes my running story! Moral of the story? RUN! Don’t give up when you feel worn out, tired, and unmotivated. The feeling of success afterwards is so worth it 🙂

“Your intuition is your best friend”

~From Russia With Love~

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