It’s Time Time To Move On…

17 Jul

to a new site!

That’s right, I’m ready to make the move to a NEW DOMAIN!

I purchased it back in April and haven’t had the time to fix it up until this past month. I’ve been slaving away (quite happily actually…I love it!) at my computer in order to get the site in tip top shape for it’s grand release. While it’s still by no means perfect (or complete), I think it’s good enough to finally be released to the public.

But a brief background is first necessary. I chose the name “Perfect Paradox World” for a variety of reasons. Generally speaking, it signifies my main philosophy (belief?) of life that in order to achieve balance there is no one consistent and perfect way to get there. Life is full of contradictions and paradoxes, and it is more than ok to live in a way that “seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.” All opposites have a way of working together in harmony to balance each other, leading to internal and external peace and harmony. Ultimately, what matters is that you live life trusting yourself, following your own personal truths, and believing that all extremes work in harmony to your own benefit. It’s your life…your world that matters to you.

Thus came the Perfect Paradox World– a seemingly contradictory statement (can there really be a perfect paradox? Isn’t that a paradox in itself?) that perfectly defines my own way of life- my world.

Confused? Many times I am too. Join me on my journey to figure it all out!

Click below to enter my thoughts, my site, my world…my Perfect Paradox World.

As always,
~From Russia With Love~

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